HUNGER: In Bed With Roy Cohn

Can one of America’s most controversial and despised men come to terms with what might have been? Roy Cohn: wrong time, wrong place, wrong orientation!

Linda Toliver, Gary Guidinger and Undercover Productions present the World Premiere of Joan Beber’s fantasy play, directed by Jules Aaron. With choreography by Kay Cole and original music by Max Kinberg, the production features Barry Pearl as Roy Cohn, the brilliant attorney whose hunger for power and prominence ultimately destroyed him.

Waiting in oblivion and holding court on his bed, he is haunted by comic visitations of Ronald Reagan and Barbara Walters; his lover, G. David Shine and Julius Rosenberg, with Ethel on the phone. Only when his dancing inner child implores him to “come out” do we get to see Roy as he could have been.

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