HUNGER – In Bed With Roy Cohn

A serio-comedy with cutting-edge music and dance

Featuring Roy Cohn — a brilliant attorney of excessive appetites for men, money and drugs.

Both loathed and adored, he remains a mystery to many. Barbara Walters was his friend until he died of Aids in 1986. Others of prominence were also fiercely loyal to him. Roy’s relationships with his controlling mother, his housekeeper, his lover (David Shine), Barbara Walters, Julius Rosenberg, Ronald Reagan and his own inner child (Young Roy) are explored. We see the infamous attorney as he was and as he might be today. He holds court on his water bed, munching tuna sandwiches as he must have them – on toast with no crusts. We see him among his possessions (his phone and his stuffed animals), wearing a froggie baseball cap. Water pipes burst and drip rhythmically.

Roy personifies sickness in the broadest sense – both timeless and universal. With the internet and instant communication, the disease is debilitating. It consumes our souls.

We identify with Roy’s hunger for love. He connects with our deepest longings and fears as he holds his dying mother.

Ultimately alone and accepting, he talks to us.

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